1. Shape

We have 100’s of frames! Use these general guidelines to narrow your search.

Below are sample glasses for different face shapes.In general, a larger face looks more proportionate in a larger frame. A smaller face requires a petite frame.The goal is to balance the face (just as clothing can bring balance to the body.) In addition to flattering the shape of your face, glasses should fit the bridge of your nose and not press on your temples or cheeks. Ideally, the frame will follow your natural brow line without hiding the brow. The Doctor or his staff will advise you if your prescription requires a frame with particular attributes.

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An oval shaped face is considered ideal. Because of its almost perfect balance, just about any style of eyeglasses will be flattering.

Heart (wide forehead and narrow chin)

Avoid top heavy frames. A thinner, curved upper rim will soften and de-emphasize a large forehead. Consider light wire or rimless frames in a subtle metal or light colored plastic. Though a rarity, frames that widen at the bottom or emphasize the lower rim, would serve to bring width to the lower portion of the face.

Round (width and length almost equal)

Angular and curvy/angular shapes with high or mid-level temples will offset the round-shaped face. To lengthen the face, the frame should be more horizontal than deep. Avoid round frames and those with designs or embellishments that add width to the face.

Square (wide forehead and jaw lines with strong angles)

 Curvy frames will soften the faces angularity. To lengthen the face, the frame should be more horizontal than deep (oval, rather than circular). 

Oblong (long face with long lines along the cheek)

Deeper frames are a good counterpoint to oblong-shaped face. Decorative or contrasting temples add width. Dropped temples will de-emphasize the length of the face. A dropped bridge can de-emphasize a long nose.

2. Color

Note: A frame that you like may be available in additional colors.

Your eyewear should complement your complexion, hair and eyes. People have either warm (yellow based) or cool (blue based) coloring. Your wardrobe is likely a good guide for choosing your eyewear. Those with warm coloring look best in golds, camels, yellow and orange tones including tortoise, copper, off white, fire engine red, warm blues and khaki. Those with cool coloring look best in black, silver, blue-gray, plum, magenta, rose, pink, charcoal, pewter, silver, blue and dark tortoise. 

Generally, the more intense your hair and skin color, the bolder the color of your frames should be. If your coloring is softer and has a gentler contrast, you will want to choose a more muted frame color. Shiny finishes are more bold, while matte finishes are more neutral. You want your frames to look neither too severe nor too bland.  

 If you stay true to your warm or cool undertones, your eyeglasses will blend with your wardrobe.

3. Style

Your eyewear can have personality! Consider a second pair for a change in mood!


Timeless designs in metal or plastic in conservative colors. Those with one pair of glasses often choose from this category. 


Styles with bright or complex colors or patterns. Trendy materials, interesting designs or textures. This category includes artsy, sporty and “fun” frames as well as frames for those looking to make a dramatic or iconic statement with their eyewear.


Beautiful, jewelry look frames made with delicate metals. Frames trimmed with gems, gold and silver accents, or other embellishments…appropriate for those who enjoy dressing in a luxurious and formal way.These frames usually require gentle handling.


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Any frame can be made into prescription sunglasses. We also carry quality non-prescription sunwear.