Dr. Snoeyink has extensive contact lens experience, successfully fitting thousands of contact lens patients. He wore them himself for 35 years and keeps pace with developments in the field. There is a wide variety of contact lens types available from various manufacturers. You can trust the doctor to prescribe the appropriate lens for your needs.

Why Contact Lenses? – Even though eyeglasses are convenient, durable, and can make a fashion statement, contact lenses present some advantages. Contact lenses are often chosen by active people who enjoy the freedom from worries of discomfort or breakage. Contact lenses can improve peripheral vision and free one from lenses that fog up. Many people prefer the look of contacts rather than eyeglasses.

Age Appropriateness – Parents are the best judge as to whether their young person is ready for the responsibility of wearing and caring for their contact lenses. In our office, we see the most success in young people of middle school age and above, who have a strong, PERSONAL desire to wear contact lenses.

Middle Age – Unfortunately, as the eyes dry out in middle age, wearing contact lenses becomes uncomfortable and difficult. Dr. Snoeyink will advise you on options available to extend your contact lens success. He will break it to you gently when you should transition back to eyeglasses.

Auxillary Eyewear – It is a good idea for contact lens wearers to have a pair of eyeglasses to use in the morning or evening when contact lenses are not in place. Having eyeglasses is also important when suffering with eye irritation.

  1. Contact lenses will be dispensed with instructions and cleaning solutions.
  2. Wearing schedules are critical. Lenses must be removed on schedule.
  3. Non compliance can result in irritation, infection, and possible scarring.
  • Please take the wearing and caring of your contact lenses seriously.
  • If you have an ocular emergency please do not hesitate to call the doctor.

Your vision is very important to us!

*As of 2014, most Contact lens manufacturers have implemented unilateral pricing policies (UPP) making prices standard no matter where they’re purchased. Purchasing your replacement lenses from our office comes with the benefit of personal attention.